Adoption Documents

Document required for adoptive parents:

l  Consent letter from concerned authority of the home country of adoptive parent/s.

l  Guarantee letter

l  Birth certificate

l  Documents proving the marital status

l  Family status including the birth certificate/s of biological/adoptive children (if any)

l  Health certificate

l  Character certificate (Criminal Record)

l  Documents proving properties and income sources

l  Photocopy of passport

l  Social, psychological and home study report

l  Covering letter of the Embassy/ Diplomatic Mission/Adoption agency.

l  Photographs depicting exteriors and interiors of living apartment/residence.

l  Commitment of the applicants to comply with post adopting requirements.

Document Required for orphan Child:

l  Certificate of Orphan issued by Chief District Officer.

l  A Letter from the Police Office for the children found in road, way or public place.

l  A Letter From Hospital where the child is left

l  A public enquiry deed for the children found in the vicinity of orphanage or Children’s home.

l  A Public Notice to be broadcasted on TV and Radio.

l  A Public Notice to be published on Daily Newspaper.

Document Required for Abandoned Child:

l  A recommendation made by the concerned local body.

l  Deed of abandonment made in the presence of Chief District Officer.

l  Citizenship Certificates of the Parents

l  Reason to abandon children.

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