Adoption Process

Nepal does not allow direct application for adoption process. An application has to be submitted to adopt a Nepali son or a daughter should come through authorized agency of Nepal Government or their embassy/diplomat mission.

Application will be served immediately once it is submitted. None of the families can choose the particular child to adopt. They have only the authority to choose age groups, sex and health condition. On the basis of this demand matching committee matches child to be adopted. all the description about family and the children and the matching process are kept confidential until the Nepal Government gives its final description.

The process will be around the duration of 5 to 6 months depending upon the demand of age group of the child by the families. Those children of special needs chosen to be adopted will kept on fast track and Internationally known celebrity, person or business man or professional having more than three hundred thousand US$ income, Nobel prize winner or foreign countries head of state, head of government or Minister for Foreign Affairs can apply directly to the central authority and will kept on fast track.

Upon the approval of adoption, the child could travel to the country of the adoptive parents. Until the adopted child attains majority, the adoptive parent should provide post placement report to Nepal Government every year.

Procedure for Adoption:

1. Preparation

  • Prepare necessary documents in your country according to the demand by Nepal government.
  • Choose agency or Embassy.


2.  Application and Matching

  • Application has to submit to Centre Authority of Nepal through authorized agency to work Nepal or Embassy, diplomat mission or through center authority.
  • Centre Authority of Nepal has to verify application.
  • If the application is approved, Central Authority will send application to Family Matching committee (A committee which matches the criteria of the application with the orphan child).
  • Matching Committee will match the child accordingly and the details of the approved matching process are send to Central Authority.
  • Central Authority again verifies and send referral child to the family's consent.
  • If family accepts their referral child Central Authority recommend to Nepal government to give final decision.
  • After final decision of Nepal Government Central Authority calls the families to visit and take child to their custody.


3.  Child bonding and visa process

  • The adoptive parents must visit at least for the 7 days in orphanage in order to make bond with the child.
  • After the visit of 7 days central authority will give the final date to sign the adoption decree.
  • The family will be the legal parents of the adopted child after signing the final decree.
  • The process of travel document of the adopted child will be done in foreign ministry. The time duration is 1 month for regular application and it will take ten days for the person paying double charges.
  • Prepare and translate necessary documents and health reports required by own respective country's Embassy.
  • Submit application for visa to the child.
  • Visa collection and fly to their home country with child.

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