Process of Eligibility of the child

After the child gets admitted in the orphanage than the orphanage will follow the various procedure to confirm the detail if the child is orphan or there is some guardian to claim the custody of the child.

  • Orphanage will publish the notice with all the details in local newspaper, TV and Radio, so that if there is any complain regarding missing children the parents can come within 30 days and claim the custody of the child with the orphanage.
  • Orphanage also gives information to child rescue center so that if the center has the information regarding particular child they can give it to the orphanage.
  • Orphanage also circulates the information in police headquarters women and children service center regarding the child.
  • After 30 days of the notice orphanage will ask the clarification regarding the child if there is no claim regarding the particular child. And the police headquarter; women and children service center will provide the clarification to the orphanage having no any such claim regarding the particular child.
  • After the clarification has been received from women and children service center orphanage publishes the notice for domestic adoption of the particular child.
  • If there is any application on domestic adoption than the orphanage will process for the domestic adoption but incase if there is no application for the domestic adoption the orphanage will keep on the record as there was no such domestic adoption application filed for the particular child.
  • Orphanage files the application to the district administration office to declare child as an orphan.
  • After the application received from the orphanage the chief district officer will study the case of the particular child and declares the child as an orphan and gives the certificate of the orphan.
  • After the child is declared as an orphan from the government the child is eligible for the intra country adoption.

After all these process the orphanage will send the documents as per the rules and demand of the ministry to the family matching committer of central child welfare board and  inter country management committee of ministry of women children and social welfare for the intra country adoption.

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