Adoption is an age-old phenomenon in Nepalese culture. Since more than twenty-four years Nepal has been doing international adoptions to various countries. It's not correct to say that Nepal is new in adoption or the government of Nepal has currently 'opened international adoptions'. Though it is true that recently the number of adoptions of Nepalese orphans to European and American nation has been rising drastically. This maybe due to the rise in orphans in Nepal and due to overall globalization. Adoption Nepal therefore aims to do away with any confusion people have in regard to the Rule, Act, Process and expenses related to international adoptions.

Intra country adoption (ICA) is a practice that has gained popularity over the years, and there is every reason to believe this trend will continue. For couples (or individuals) whose country of residence has few healthy babies available for adoption, going outside the country for a child is a desirable option. It is also desirable from the perspective of the child. Who usually comes from a country with more available children than potential adoptive parents? Right away, these seem to be two compelling reasons to support the idea of inter-country adoption, and work toward its best model.
We believe that adoption is one of the ways to help orphan & helpless children and it is the right of a orphan child to get name, family security and love. It is a right of a deprived child to find what he misses in life. But international adoption should not be a medium of generating income to handful of people in the wrong way by giving wrong information. Likewise adoptive families should not encourage non-ethical practice of adoption. People have to follow ethical and moral practice in international adoption.

We are a group of lawyers in Nepal who want to provide right information for right adoption from Nepal to people and agencies involved in adoptions from Nepal. 
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